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I’m in my bed alone and this is all I can think of right now

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You only call when you’re bored.
My house phone is not to be blown up.

And I been getting high 👆
 just to balance out the lows 👇
Field Trip selfie
Even after all this

You still cant manage to say why?

Why you did it?
Why you could never be faithful ?
Why you choose to be the worst person that hurts most?

Last year lesson was an impact on you real hard
You finally knew how it felt to hurt. And look how much it changed our relationship to think I would marry you to think I would actually give my life for someone who I thought actually gave a damn about me but in reality you only kept me because you didnt want to be alone it maybe I was just to good for your ego…. or maybe just maybe I made you feel better about your miserable life because if you actually did love me you wouldn’t destroy me because you dont destroy the people you love .

I hope you realize what you caused.

Bubba OG 🍁 👌.
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I didnt post pics because i didnt have a phone…..but just know it was amazing……. just take me homeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeee
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